Mt. Salem UMC Building Use Policies


  1. Usage must be approved by pastor and committee as needed. Pastor decides wedding use.
  2. Furniture moved from adjacent or storage areas must be returned to those areas after use.
  3. Floors must be left free of paper and trash.
  4. Use of the facility shall be limited to the rented area(s) and the restrooms.
  5. Adult supervision is required when minors use the church facilities.
  6. Smoking is Not permitted anywhere within the church building.
  7. Use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on all church property.
  8. Users are responsible for any and all damages caused during their usage time. (This includes accidental or necessary discharge of fire extinguishers and/or system).  “Break it, Replace it.”
  9. Turn out all lights and lock all doors before leaving.
  10. Do Not touch thermostats. They are automatic.
  11. No food or drink in the sanctuary.
  12. Decorations must be approved by the committee and/or the pastor.


Hospitality Room (Benson Hall) 

In addition to the above:

  1. No perishable foods shall be left in the facility.
  2. Wash off-tables.
  3. Sweep or vacuum floor.
  4. Return tables and chairs to original floor plan (to the best of your ability).



In addition to the above:

  1. Wash and put away all dishes, utensils, pitchers, and coffee pots.
  2. Wash off counters, stove, and clean ovens.
  3. Sweep floor and mop all spills.
  4. Do Not leave left over food in the refrigerator, and take trash with you.

Fees for Use of Facilities


Rental Fees

  1. Sanctuary: $250.00
  2. Kitchen and Benson Hall (hospitality room): $200
  3. Upfront refundable deposit: $50 for cleaning out or breakage.
  4. Steward fee (wedding, funeral): $ 50
  5. Pastoral fee (wedding w/pre-marital counseling): $300 ; (funeral): honorarium appreciated
  6. Organist fee(wedding, funeral): $150
  • For use of facilities on a regular basis, the above fees are negotiable.


Information needed:

  1. SunAe Lee-Koo, pastor: 302-658-1807 or mtsalemumc@gmail.com
  2. Barbara Commodari, organist: 302-691-8624 or bcommodari@gmail.com
  3. Neil Lentz, Trustees chair: 302-379-3423 or neillentz1@yahoo.com