“The mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ (Mt. 28:19) for the transformation of the world.”

 I. Mission Statement:

We are called to proclaim the Gospel of Christ, so that we may become disciples of Jesus Christ; and that we may share our faith with others in our community, so that they may also experience God’s love for them and become disciples of Christ.

We, as disciples of Christ, seek not only to become hearers of the Word, but also to become doers of the Word.

We, as doers of Christian faith, depend on and are open to the Holy Spirit’s work in our church.


II. Vision:

  1. In-Reach, Growing Congregation: Praying Congregation: Praising Congregation: Visiting Congregation
  2. Out-Reach, Inviting Congregation: Visiting Congregation: Welcoming Congregation
  3. Christian Education, Nurturing Congregation: Sunday School for Children and Youth, as well as Adults
  4. Worship, Corporate Worship: Encountering God



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